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Following significant capital investment, and built on experience developing customised Local Content reporting models and spreadsheets for a range of prominent public and private sector clients, Local Content Solutions has launched LCS Reports.

LCS Reports is  on-line, software platform for Local Content compliance and performance management reporting.
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Benefits of LCS Reports
  • For use by industry reguators to capture Local Content performance across industrial sectors

  • For corporations to track Local Contet across differnt operations

  • For individual companies to monitor and report Local Contennt down multiple supply chains

  • Rapidly configured to match local requirements for Local Content reporting, and provides highly visible assurance of regulatory and customer compliance.
  • Generates rolling data on actual Local Content performance, providing powerful evidence for governments and companies to engage in formulating optimal and realistic Local Content regulation, strategy and targets.
  • In this time of depressed markets and public sector austerity, LCS Reports is one of the most cost-effective, fastest-to-implement and impactful Local Content instruments that a company or regulator could chose to deploy.
  • The choice of Local Content metrics within the tool maximises use of readily available data on workforce and procurement, avoiding the need for expense to change in-house IT systems.
  • Reduces the time and human resources needed to gather and verify Local Content data across organisations by providing a platform for contractors and sub-contractors to enter workforce data directly on-line (no more spreadsheets by email).
  • Provides data security by controlling precisely who can see what information
  • The high quality dashboard demonstrates performance across all the main metrics of Local Content: jobs, hours, gender, spend by vendors, spend by domestic origin, training, sustainability, capacity development, value to economy.
  • Contains a built-in Country Economic Value model calibrated to the domestic economy, which monetises the Local Content performance data through an automatic calculation to generate total $ value of Local Content both contributed to and retained in the county’s economy.
  • Allows Target to be set to drive improved Local Content performance across company operations and multiple contractors.
LCS Reports Pilots:
  • Maersk Oil Kazakhstan
  • Anadarko Mozambique

  • Ministry of Trade and Industry Sierra Leone
  • Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board
"We have now adopted LCS Reports as our formal on-line platform for companies to comply with their legal obligations to report Local Content performance under the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency Act, 2015"
Director,  Local Content Agency,
Ministry of Trade and Industry, Sierra Leone
Data Entry for Local Content % by Vendor Classification, Expenditure Category or Contractor Invoice
Export to Excel data on Local Content by Invoice, for reconciliation to finance data
Status map of all users and extent whether data is Submitted, Pending or Not Started, facilitating reminder prompts, quality contol and audits
In-built Country-Calibrated Economic Value (CEV) model auto- calculates in-country value across all Local Content activity
Regulators and compaies can set Targets against which to measure the progresss and ultimate success of Local Content Plans and initiatives. 
With its hierarchical structure, aggregated data, high quality dashboard, and in-built model to convert Local Content data into a measure of economic impact, LCS Reports is suited to any organisation wishing to cost-effectively track, evaluate and report on its Local Content performance down multiple supply chains.
For a demonstration or to find out how readily the tool can be aligned with your organisation’s objectives for Local Content, please contact
LCS Reports - Overview and Security
The tool is a customised browser-based software application, optimised to run on Internet Explorer (version 8.0 or later), the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, and on PCs that have Microsoft Office 2007 or later and security software that has cleared the PC of viruses and malware.
Structure and Metrics of LCS Reports