We design the full suit of documents and criteria needed to leverage Local Content in contract tenders, from:
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Pre-qualification questionnaires
  • Tender questionnaires and Local Content Plan templates
  • Evaluate criteria for Local Content Plan
  • Methods to integrate Local Content technical scores into commerical evaluations
  • Contract terms and conditions to deliver, report and audit Local Content
Local Content in Contracting & Procurement
The suite of tender documents needed to leverage Local Content
Key Design Considerations for Clients
  • How to manage the adverse impact on a tenderer’s bid price arising from a high quality offer on Local Content
  • To what extent should expected performance for Local Content be pre-set as minimum requirements vs competition between bidders on the quality of their offer on Local Content
  • How should the different components of Local Content in a tender be weighted and scored in order to deliver the intended outcomes
  • What should be done if the quality of wining bidder’s proposal on Local Content is insufficient to be contractually binding
  • What is the right level of performance compensation and/or sanctions to ensure delivery of Local Content in contract execution
Key Tender Considerations for Bidders
  • What do we know about how the client will evaluate the bid with regard to Local Content:
    –Pass/Fail on submission of Local Content Plan
    –Weightings for different aspects of Local Content
    –Approach to factoring Local Content score into award of contract


  • If we bid a high quailty offer on Local Content with a sligtly higher price, will this really count towards our chances of contract award, or will the client simply apply the rule of lowest priced technically-acceptable tender.
  • Are the metrics used by the client able to be readily satisfied by the bidder
  • What is the balance of the client’s emphasis on:
    –local workforce vs local manufacturing
    –Local Content vs Local Content Development

  • Is our bid on Local Content intended to be a contractual commitment